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Ursula and her staff take the pain out of watching the numbers, so I can do what I do best – sale my services.

Murrieta, CA

Garrett & Associates, CPA was extremely helpful in organizing our accounting and getting a hold of our books. They provided great support when asking for accounting advice and immediate responses to important emails. Wonderful service!

Omar Munoz | Quality Dental Supply Co.

Over the last decade, Garrett and Associates has helped me navigate the growth of my small business with tax filing and planning services that have saved me thousands of dollars and put my mind at ease.If you are looking for top notch tax advice at a price that a small business owner can afford, I highly recommend Ursula Garrett and her team.

Tobias Desjardins

We were at a loss at what to do or where to turn. We had tax issues and had consulted with several “specialists in fixing tax issues”; they were no help to us and had quoted us outrageous fees. Ursula was able to file all the necessary documents to clear up our issues at a very reasonable rate. Ursula has been our go to accountant and tax specialist for over a decade and we would never consider going anywhere else. I am a tax procrastinator and usually wait till the last minute to get our tax information in, but Ursula has always come thru for us and completes and files our returns on time. I highly recommend Garrett & Associates for all your tax and accounting needs.

Pege Carr-Greenway | Hemet, CA

Deeply appreciating our competent, no, brilliant, and ethical accountant of a decade now. Ursula works in California and has a very successful company in the Hemet area. She made a huge difference in our lives one year by asking what a “bonus” was on a pay check. It was royalties being recorded as payroll bonus’. Huge difference it made when we asked the payee to acknowledge they were responsible for royalties. I can’t begin to tell you. She is also a marvelous person and friend. If you live in California and need an accountant, your taxes done, investment advice of any kind, she is IT!

Mille Bon Lait

Wow. I got my tax refunds within a week of filing. Great job.

Willie Hamilton

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