With fall right around the corner (you know it’s close when Starbucks rolls out those Pumpkin Spice thingies, as they did this Tuesday), here at Team Garrett & Associates, CPA, we’ve been already working with our Inland Empire clients on adjusting to the new tax law, the 20% pass-through deduction, entity analysis, and more.

Even more than our specific client work, we’re also taking a look at our operations to make sure we are as smoothly-functioning as possible.

I hope it’s obvious that it is very important to us that we serve our clients well. We’re reviewing our processes to make them more client-friendly, and putting in place new systems for which I know you’re going to be grateful.

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What Are Your Sales Prospects In Inland Empire Looking For?

“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth

If you are in the business of having to make sales via a conversation or specific process (as we are here), here’s a simple exercise for you: put yourself in the shoes of your sales prospects.

When you do so, you’ll remember that nobody is ever looking forward to having an adversarial discussion with you about whether they’re going to “buy something” or not.

Sure, 100 years ago, face-to-face selling was often the only way to find out about a new product or service. But that’s not the case right now.

What do people do when they’re interested in real estate? They hop online and look up information on the internet. For many, it’s just a lot easier and safer than inviting a real estate agent over for tea and crumpets.

But the issue is NOT that real estate agents are obsolete.

The issue is: Does he add legitimate value to what the customer can already get from the internet? Is he positioning himself such that customers who are ready to do something see him as a valuable resource and call when it’s time to act? Or is he just a friendly face who really just wants their listing?

You see, he must clearly position himself as someone who dramatically speeds the buying or selling process and makes it much easier for the buyer or seller to get what they want. And the same principle holds true for sales people and business owners in ANY industry.

So how do you demonstrate that you (as a person who sells) can make your customers’ life easier — that the time spent with you is time well spent?

Well, in your marketing, you focus on *their* problems, not *your* solution. You focus on the itch, not the scratch.

This might sound simplistic — but hardly anybody really does this. If you doubt me, just pick up any magazine and flip through it.

Ask yourself this question as you look at every ad: ‘Is this ad about my problem, or is it about somebody’s product?’

The vast majority of the time it’s about their ‘cool’ product. And nobody really cares. The only thing people care about is their problem.

So here’s a major shift: Instead of being a sales person who’s trying to get in front of people in Inland Empire, become a problem-solving Information Source. (Usually it’s written information first, not a phone call.)

You’ll find that your lead processes become much, much simpler. And more fruitful.

Feel very free to forward this article to a Inland Empire business associate or client you know who could benefit from our assistance — or simply send them our way? While these particular articles usually relate to business strategy, as you know, we specialize in tax preparation and planning for families and business owners.


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